Personal Development Courses

Coaching clients often request people development courses covering confidence in communication and stress management. Due to popular demand, I now offer these to individuals in the form of one-off workshops or talks.  These personal development areas can contribute to performance; therefore are run frequently within organisations or offered online.   These classes offer coaching insights to those who take the course and are based on significant experience in marketing and coaching clients globally. These personal development courses and a great way of learning and growing your skills and tackling the aspects that feel like obstacles to your ongoing success.  If you are interested in a course or workshop not listed here, please enquire as there are various others I have been asked to do but only run on request.


This free talk aims to provide you with an approach to help you navigate change, focusing on the most important discovery: learning your strengths. Clarity on your strengths can be a catalyst to discovering and focusing on activities that bring you joy. Learn more here.


Whether you want to sell your proposal or yourself in an interview, becoming a confident communicator is a key skill. By developing this skill, you can have a better impact on all you do.

This course covers what makes confident communicators and how to harness the knowledge from a marketing expert and coach. Through marketing products and services globally for over 20 years I know what it takes to have an impact. Learn more here.


Manage your stress before it manages you.

If you are struggling to manage your stress and want to learn new ways to better well-being, this workshop is for you. You will get a comprehensive understanding of Stress and some useful self-management techniques to help you through Stress in general. Learn more.