Confident Communicator

Are you struggling with confidence?  Do you wish you could find ways of becoming more confident in presenting or talking to a group of people?  Whether you want to sell your proposal or yourself in an interview. Becoming a confident communicator is a key skill. By developing this skill, you can have a better impact on all you do.

This course covers what makes confident communicators and how to harness the knowledge from a coach who has worked with marketing products and services globally for over 20 years and knows what it takes to have an impact. Enabling confident communicators is also something that comes up a lot in coaching. The class has a framework that looks at all facets of building confidence in your communication, from developing the right mindset to developing clarity of your messages.  The training covers presentation preparation and how to overcome the nervousness and stress that comes with speaking in public.

Online course content:

  • Developing the right mindset
    • We talk about the nervousness and stress of public speaking
  • Projecting your message
  • Content of messages
  • Delivery
  • What will have the desired impact
  • Energy and ability to enable communications to stick

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