Holistic Coaching

If you feel stuck, lost, anxious, or even distressed about something in your life, you may also want to change or improve your performance at work or with your business but are not sure how. Holistic coaching can help you get over obstacles and help formulate a plan to achieve what you desire.  If you are new to coaching, please look at this video from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a global governing body in this field.

What is coaching?

Mindverse Ltd is a coaching practice with a holistic approach to change. I work to uncover the core of an issue(s), irrespective of whether it is personal or professional. The aim is to provide the change or transformation you are motivated to bring about.  This is not always easy when you try and do it yourself.  Where a holistic coach can help you overcome limiting beliefs. By having mindful conversations about our client’s challenges, dreams, and aspirations, I build custom coaching plans to help people reach their potential.

Breath & depth of experience

I have had the privilege of working with global clients, some of whom are Fortune 500 companies. I enjoy using my holistic approach to executive, business and personal coaching at various levels, including directors, VPs, heads of department and senior managers. These clients are from various industries such as legal, technology, finance, and marketing. I deliver value by empowering clients to learn the necessary tools to develop and grow independently in the future through your challenges.

I would welcome clients’ briefs for organisational and executive coaching engagements. Where required I have pulled together an experienced and accredited team for larger projects.  If you have people’s challenges but are not sure how to solve them, please get in touch for a chat.  We have worked on various challenges within the workplace and can suggest a holistic approach and tailor an action plan. Check out the broad coaching service.

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”- Walt Disney.