About Me




I have over 20 years of background in global marketing management across different industries like advertising agencies, technology, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and food. From working with global premium brands and with multicultural groups, my experience with people is diverse. My focus changed from consumer behaviour to performance behaviour and I made the transition in the last 7 years.

I provide value by developing clarity of the leadership development challenges. From which I help to facilitate leadership development plans to deliver objectives and goals.  Trained in executive, business and personal coaching enable me to provide a holistic approach to get to the real issues withholding potential and change.

Some specialism areas include coaching executive and leadership performance development, team engagement, stress management, self-confidence, career transitions, and well-seasoned at delivering leadership development programs globally across cultures.  I have experience working with global clients from all leadership levels in the legal, technology, finance, and marketing industries.


“I’ve recently received some coaching from Lena@Mindverse. She helped me identify my strengths using the CliftonStrengths program, which was enlightening and helped me become more self-aware and how to get the most from them. I would highly recommend the coaching.”

Jiten Mistry, COO & Finance Officer, Citi Holdings EMEA.

“Lena is a powerhouse of insight, action, and warmth. As a global marketer and coach, Lena brings an innate sense of what makes people tick. In every conversation, you get the sense that she is interested – in new ideas, in you, and in working together to grow. And that’s what makes working with her so interesting. I highly recommend Lena to other women in leadership as a partner in your growth.”

Sarah Lesway-Ball, Senior Director, Global Experience Marketing at Juniper Networks.


CliftonStrengths & DISC are two development frameworks that I particularly appreciate. Both chosen for their inspiration and scientific rigour. Whether it is tools or leadership development coaching, you will get a thinking partner in your growth journey.  Importantly, my focus is looking to discover what will make a real difference to help you achieve your goals. As well as being a Gallup certified strengths coach, I hold an International Coaching Federation (ICF) and DISC accreditation and a post-graduate in executive, business and personal coaching.