Learn your strengths

Have you been reflecting on the last year and found you want to do something different? Are you wanting to change what you do but are unsure of what your strengths are? Often people think of their talents in the guise of a job.  It’s can be difficult to see how you can apply your transferable strengths to something completely different.

This free talk aims to provide you with an approach to help you navigate change, focusing on the most important discovery, which is to learn your strengths. Clarity on your strengths can be a catalyst to discovering and focusing on activities that bring you joy.

Using the CliftonStrengths assessment and subsequent coaching you can find a lifelong tool for achieving your goals by using your innate talents and strengths.  This talk is about an hour and is a great way to understand whether a strengths-based coaching approach can work for you.

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If you represent an organisation and are looking to understand CliftonStrengths please let me know using the message. I’m a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.